Dunes & Deserts is the long standing market leader in Morocco for the creation and design of adventures in Morocco. Setting off on an adventure, discovering new horizons, going to the ends of the road … all this has always been a way of life for all Dunes & Deserts team members.

On a personal level, we believe that each of our travels should consist of real experiences and authentic adventures and that is exactly what we are delivering our visitors. Morocco is such a rich country that we make every effort to ensure that everyone has a great time and leaves with unforgettable memories. There is so much to do and see in Morocco: Everyone must want to come back!

Originally launched in Ouarzazate, it is in Marrakech from 2007 that Dunes & Deserts adventures picked up real momentum. Since then, every sunrise to the long tally of memorable mornings in this beautiful human adventure.


The team is cosmopolitan and this is one of our main assets, and we are all motivated by a common goal: to serve. Experience is one thing, but things can not happen without the meticulous preparation required for the truly unforgettable. To fully enjoy your self, every detail has to be just right. We make every effort to ensure that all time with our team is free of unpleasant surprises for you to find on site not only what you expected when you booked from your living room … but so much more!

Transparency and trust.

Your holidays are important to you, and they are just as important to us.


The desert was our first passion.

It started in Peru where we operated buggies in the huge desert dunes of Ica, located south of the capital of Lima. It’s an amazing place which whets the appetite for adventure in all those who discover it.

With the Peruvian experience ending, we cast around and Morocco convinced us, and literally charmed us in fact: it was the perfect country to quench all our desires for desert. We found everything we needed: the deep desert of the Moroccan Sahara, its erg dunes and all its other riches, which explains why we called our venture here Dunes & Deserts.

Morocco has been so generous to us so that we have over time offered more and more adventures: Dunes & Deserts has expanded to offer a wider range of experiences not to be missed when on holidays in Morocco!