The best memories to bring back from your travels are always moments shared with the people whose paths crossed that day. We are fortunate in Morocco to be able to rely on the extreme kindness and the warm welcome of Moroccans. The country is growing fast, but the remoteness of some villages makes daily life more difficult for some, and it is these remote places that we love to discover.

Therefore, over the years, we developed fair tourism practices, accompanying local communities we return to with our guests. Some villages offer our visitors so much that we believe the least we can do is to support them discreetly yet efficiently.

In small gestures, Dunes & Deserts supports the communities in the lands where we operate:
– Annual collection of clothes / toys.
– Donations to registered associations. ngos & foundations focusing on human development projects.
– Donations to locals schools to improve teaching.
– Support of aid projects for children with major health problems (equipment, operation, etc.)

If you plan to visit us soon, you can participate in many different ways:
– Bring clothes or shoes that you do not use anymore. Warm clothes and shoes are particularly appreciated. Although there is plenty of desert, it also snows in Morocco.
– Bring back school effects or books for use by primary school teachers: notebooks, pens, colour pencils, etc.
– Toys in good condition are also much appreciated as there will be many little hands eager to hold them.
– Make a cash donation, which will be shared between partner associations..

To best way to contribute to real impact on people’s lives is to donate to associations working on long term, comprehensive, community led projects which change the lives of many people at once.

Why not give money directly to child beggars?

Child begging is sometimes organized and supervised by adults. Seeing that their children are bringing back coins, they may be tempted to support this little job instead of encouraging them to go to school.  In the most remote areas, a single euro coin can be an important amount for local daily life. But it can also have a negative impact on children’s education and encourage children to hang around tourists spots rather than focus on education.


During your stay, we encourage you to carefully weigh the impact you would like your donation to have. Donations are welcome, of course, but make sure your donation is used wisely and does not have unintended consequences.