Dunes & Deserts always limits its environmental impact by managing waste and optimizing each resource while reducing our footprint. Respect for the environment is very important to us. The planet offers us magnificent landscapes and the least we can do is participate in preserving it.

We like to go to the end of the road, where the tarmac ends, which unfortunately for the moment involves the consumption of non renewable fuel, but, like Morocco itself, we are gearing up for a future powered by renewables.

Until vehicles producers provide us with 4wd quads, cruisers & buggies, we are proud of our ecological compensation efforts in partnership with ngos, associations and foundations locally encouraging the adoption of renewable energies and a donation to them supports their projects, which, one by one, each in their own way, bring society closer to a global model of greener management.

Morocco is a leader in the promotion of renewable energies and with the Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment, it is very easy to participate in the national project.

You can make a donation to offset the impact of your activity when you buy a Dunes & Deserts activity online. Just select “Ecological compensation” as an extra and type in the amount you’d like to donate to the roll out of renewable energy solutions to remote areas across these welcoming and unforgettable landscapes.

It is also possible to make a donation yourself directly by credit card via the CO2 Calculator.

As example:
– Half day Quad ride (350cc) with both transfers: MAD 9 per person (€0.79, £0.71, $0.98)
– Full day Toyota 4wd 12hp: 5 MAD per vehicle. (€0.44, £0.39, $0.54)
– One-way flight from Paris to Marrakech: 125 MAD / person / way. (€10.97, £9.79, $13.60)