Why book online?

By booking online you guarantee your booking instantly. We are now working with real-time online availability. No price changes, no hidden costs. You save time and no need to worry about money once you are with us. You will just need to enjoy your time with our team!

Is it safe to pay online?

We only work with secure Online Payment Systems such as Payzone and Paypal. By processing your payment online, we will only get your payment and not your credit card data.

Is it possible to pay on-site?

We kindly ask our visitors to pay at booking time. All bookings are paid in advance in order to assure the service. If you don’t feel comfortable with online payment, our team will propose you an apointment at your arrival in Marrakech so you can pay in cash to one of our representant. It is also possible to pay by credit card by telephone.

Does Dunes & Desert have an office in the Center of Marrakech?

As our mission is to take you out of Marrakech, our offices are out of Marrakech ! You are always welcome, but in order to save your time, we have a very efficient team of representatives always available in Marrakech.

I haven't received any confirmation after my online payment. What should I do?

Please contact us by email so we can check the status of your booking and check if your payment went through or not. If yes, it will be possible to resend you a confirmation by email. If no, we will send you a new payment link.

Do I need to print my Voucher?

No. Save trees!  Electronic vouchers are accepted. 

My hotel or riad is not in the pick up list. What should I do?

You always have a possibility to select “Other Location” and provide the name and address of the hotel you’re staying at. Our team will after contact you in order to reconfirm your exact pick time and place.

I have received my confirmation and my pick up place is not directly in my riad. Why?

Marrakech is very special because of its medina. Streets are so narrow that vehicles can’t reach most of the riads. So, our drivers are picking you up at the nearest point accessible to vehicles. After your payment, you will get a your confirmation with a Google map link showing the exact way by foot to reach that apointment place. It is never very far as we do the maximum to get as close as possible from you!

My hotel is out of Marrakech and I am asked to pay a supplement for the transfer. Why ?

Our transfers services cover the Medina and Center of Marrakech without extra charges, within the limit of 5 kilometers out of the city. Some hotels are out of the city and this add a lot of kilometers for the drivers. The supplements are only to cover the time, the gas and the use of the vehicle. Supplement is usually 5€ / person, or more if hotel is far out. If you don’t feel like paying a supplement, ask your hotel if there is a shuttle going to the Center. After, we can make an apointment there. To confirm if your hotel is in the free-of-charge zone, please send un an email at info@dunesdesert.com.

Can I arrange my pick up(drop off) from(to) somewhere else in Marrakech instead my hotel?

Yes this is possible if you inform us by email at least 24 hours in advance. Supplement fees may applied if requested place is out of the center of Marrakech.

I would like to amend my booking. Is this possible?

Yes for sure, but following availability. If your booking is for less than 9 people, you can amend your booking until 24 hours before your trip starts, without extra fee. If less than 24-hour notice, there will be a 50% modification fee. If you are 10 people and more, please contact our office. You can amend your booking by email.

I would like to cancel my booking. Is this possible? Will I get a refund?

In case of cancellation, if you can’t postpone, you will get a refund following our Cancellation Conditions. More you wait to cancel, lower will be the refund. All cancellations must be communicated to our office by email.

Does Dunes & Desert provide Group Discount?

We can propose discounts for large groups, but it is important to know that sometimes more people means also more logistics…. In any way, we always aim to provide the best rates possible.

Are they sand dunes around Marrakech?

We would love to propose trips in sand dunes but there are no ones around Marrakech.  The Sahara sand dunes desert is 9 hours away from Marrakech.  Also, you have some if you drive 2 hours and a half in Essaouira. 

Is it possible to customize a tour?

Yes, it is possible.  Please send us a request by email at info@dunesdesert.com and we will see what our team can propose you. Customized tours usually involve extra charges.

I have just had an adventure with Dunes & Desert and I would like to provide a feedback.

All feedback are more than welcome. Please send those at info@dunesdesert.com. We thank you in advance!

What is required to travel in Morocco ?

You need a valid passeport. Citizen of some countries may also need a visa.

Do I need a special insurance to participate in activities?

Each participant is responsible of its own insurance coverage. Dunes & Desert advises everybody travelling in Morroco to have a complete travel insurance that covers medical fees, ambulance, repatriation, etc. Make sure you are covered ! Following the activity you’ve chosen, you may need a complement travel insurance. Here a website where you can subscribe to extra coverage for outdoor activites, please check here.

I am a Travel Agent and/or I would like to send you customers.

Please contact us by email at info@dunesdesert.com to get in touch with our commercial team. If you need a quote, please provide what activity you would like to propose to your customers, their travel dates and number of people.

Does Dunes & Desert collaborate with Instagrammers, Bloggers and Youtubers?

Yes sometimes. Please send all you proposals to office@dunesdesert.com. We will try to reply as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies in advance if you don’t get a quick reply. We receive sometimes a lot of requests and we can’t accept them all.

I would like to be part of your team.

Dunes & Desert is always looking for serious candidates always ready for challenges. If you think you are that person, please send us your CV and a complete personnalized motivation letter at jointheteam@dunesdesert.com