**Updated on 06/12/2020**

While all were ready for a year 2020 filled with adventures, travel and discoveries, the coronavirus invited itself into the game. Border closed, flight cancelled and global lockdown have led to the biggest wave of vacation postponements and cancellations since the start of the modern travel era! An almost entire planet confined and banned from leisure and business travel! It will take a little while, but we will get over it, agree?

So, because of the pandemic, the tourism season in Marrakech in the spring of 2020 has been pulverized, but despite everything, Dunes & Desert made sure to preserve maximum service for its customers. Flexibility and listening were the watchwords pending the reopening of borders.

Dunes & Desert will reopen soon. As soon as the official announcement of the end of the national lockdown in Morocco (Marrakech and other big cities are still under some restrictions until July 10th, 2020 and state of emergency is maintained until then)  and as soon as the reopening of the European sky in Morocco is announced, the situation will be assessed to prepare for the official reopening of activities.

New operating rules will be in place to increase social distancing and establish improved hygiene conditions.

The availability of our online activities will always appear in real time on . Also follow us on social networks Instagram& Facebook to follow the steps for our reopening.

Morocco is an extraordinary country to discover. A stone’s throw from Europe, it remains and will remain an essential destination for all travelers wishing to enjoy a full experience of several days or a long weekend of intense emotions.

See you soon !