Last October, the Moroccan government has decided to stay in summer time all year, and therefore to switch to the same timezone as in France. This decision was last minute made, that’s why our dear smartphones and computers didn’t take it into account in their automatic settings. So what time is it please?

Usually, Morocco changed time at the same time as France, so the two countries were always 1 hour apart (except during Ramadan, but this is another subject – read below).

The country had to go to winter time on the night of October 27, 2019, as in France. Last minute, the government chose to stay in summer time for energy saving issues. Morocco is now in UTC +1, like France.

The problem is that this change was not taken into account by our phones or computers, which returned to UTC.


How to know what time is it for real in Morocco?

How to know the exact time if we can not trust our loyal smartphones? To avoid being misled, we advise you to remove the automatic time setting on your computers, tablets and phones, and enter the time manually.

If in doubt, you can consult the website:

Or free yourself from your Internet-connected devices and return to a classic watch or morning alarm clock.


I’m afraid of missing my plane!!!

If you booked your flight before October 27, it’s possible that the times shown on your plane ticket are not good.

As some companies like Transavia send an email to prevent changes in schedules, others do not warn you. In this case, make sure to call your company to check your flight schedules to and from your trip !!


And what about Ramadan? 

The Moroccan government has finally decided to return to GMT during the month of Ramadan 2019.  So between May 5 and June 8, 2019 (inclusive) Morocco backs its clocks! Be careful !  On the night of June 8th  to 9th, 2019, the country will return to GMT+1 at 2:00 am.  So at 2am, it will be 3am.
Be careful not to be late for your appointments.


What about my activities with Dunes & Desert?

If you have any doubt about the time of your activity, you can reach us the day before by phone or whatsapp: +212 (0) 661 539 639, or by mail:

Also make sure to stay reachable the day of your activity, so that we can call you in case of delay, and thus not to start without you!!

Have a good trip ☺