The city of Marrakech is located on the plain of Haouz, surrounded in the south by the High Atlas mountains and in the north by the desert of Jbilets. This “desert” of stones dates from the primary era and has extraordinary geological particularities. It is also a playground for many activities. Dunes & Desert tells you more about this desert like no other!

The desert of Jbilets is located north of the red city. It is mainly composed of old detritic sediments deposited in the primary era, then folded, faulted and recrystallized, of gray to yellow color. They represent the very eroded remains of an old mountain range.

In the Marrakesh region the first mountain range was formed during the Precambrian era, about 1 billion years ago. It was eroded during a large part of the primary era during a period of extension and provided the materials of the marine sediments of the primary era, mainly detrital sediments (gravel, sand…)

At the end of the primary era, the continents are getting closer, the sediments are deforming and building a new mountain range, the Hercynian chain, in Europe and Morocco. Its remains are still visible in the Jbilets massif and in the axis of the High Atlas of Marrakech.

À la fin de l’ère primaire, les continents se rapprochent, les sédiments se déforment et édifient une nouvelle chaîne de montagne, la chaîne hercynienne, en Europe et au Maroc. Ses restes sont encore bien visibles dans le massif des Jbilets et dans l’axe du Haut Atlas de Marrakech>.

So do not expect a desert of sand and dunes as far as the eye can see, it is rather a desert area composed of stones. A lunar landscape forgotten by tourists in which you can practice many fun activities with Dunes & Desert !!

What to do in the Jbilets desert?

This desert offers a lot of activities for all ages! You can indeed do a ride on quad or buggy, a camel ride and even a hot air balloon tour!

Go for a day or a half-day and pilot one of our powerful quads on the best Jbilets trails through river beds (oueds), stone deserts (“reg”) and lush palm groves. Discover its surreal landscapes: the sharp rocks that stand on the way offer a striking contrast with the expanses of the palm grove of Marrakech and the peaks of the High Atlas overlooking it.

Thrill-lovers, why not try the buggy ride? Discover the magical Jbilets landscapes, ride between sharp rocks and admire the great contrasts between the lush palm grove of Marrakech and the peaks of the High Atlas in the background. In day or half-day formula, with adrenaline guaranteed ☺

Experience once in your life a camel ride, to put yourself in the shoes of nomads! You will travel a part of the palm grove of Marrakech and its stone desert. We provide you a cheich to protect you from the sun and you will even enjoy a tea break midway.

You can even book a Quad + camel or buggy + camel combo!! The principle: an activity in the morning, another in the afternoon (with lunch break included) for twice as much pleasure and sensations!

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Experience it at least once in your life! Imagine rising in the air in the early morning above this desert of stones, with the Altas mountains in the background and small Berber villages that are gradually moving away… An hour flight that you will remember all your life!!

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What do I bring with me?

Remember to take sunscreen and a head cover: we have sunshine all year round in Marrakech!

On the clothing side, we recommend wearing closed shoes, soft and comfortable clothes, rather warm for the winter. It is not advisable to wear shorts or skirts, not only in respect of local customs, but also to protect you from the sun.

Do not forget your camera or smartphone to immortalize the grandiose panoramas of the Jbilets region ☺

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the Jbilets desert with Dunes & Desert?

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