Meet our local host: Welcome at Hicham’s house !

The meal and the break at the local host are convivial moments that we share with the local population. It’s a link that we create between the local and travelers. Eat at a locals’ house seems to be one of the best way to discover and understand the ways of living, traditions and habits of these inhabitants. Through one meal it isn’t only the greed that we discover but the country that we are visiting.  This is why Dunes & Desert is offering you during our activities to meet our local host and share with them an unforgettable moment for a relaxing drinks, tajine or delicious crêpes.

Meal at a local house ?  

The purpose is simple : Offering you authentics meals of the country you are visiting at a local host house. People will enjoy and share the same meal together with the locals, most of the time a country speciality. Through this one you will discover the country, the customs and locals’ lifestyle.

Why Dunes & Desert brings you out to a local house ? 

Morocco is a country that the whole Dunes & Désert Team love and cherish tenderly since almost 10 years now. Through our activites, one of our best wish is to make you discover the authentic country that we love, a country of 1001 colors, with traditions and cultures  so unique. With our activities we offer you the Morocco’s beauty, its endless deserts, its palm trees but also its inhabitants, because we have to admit that without them Morocco wouldn’t be what it is today. Each activity includes one break, to enjoy Morrocan crêpe or a delicious tajine. We give a particular importance to the meetings with our local host Hicham and his family, whose became a good friend through years with who we share more than meals today.   It is with an overconfidence that we entrust him your gourmand discovery of Morocco and it’s with pleasure that we intruduce him to you today.

Let’s introduce you Hicham !

Hichem, 43 years old, is the father of 3 children. He has always lived in Marrakech, he has this city in his heart and know it by heart. Passioned, it’s with love that he opens to you his house to make you discover the city of Marrakech but also the country he’s in love with.




Hicham invite you during our activities to discover and share an amazing moment with him:  you will enjoy a delicious mint tea  with luscious moroccan crêpes. 🙂





And for the luckiest one that have decided to spend the full day with Dunes & Desert, a delicious tajine which some vegetables coming from the private Hicham’s garden will be their lunch




Want to meet Hicham ? 

Dunes & Desert proposse you to meet him and discover Marrakech countryside through our activities.

Made of adventures and discoveries, our activities are for families, team of friends or lovers.  You will discover Palm groves, desrt of the Jbilets and the breathtaking landscapes that surround


Camel ride Marrakech- Half day trip ! 

Quad & Camel Combo – Full Day ! 

Marrakech Desert & Palmgrove – Half day ! 

Mountains, desert & palmgrove – Day Excursion ! 

We are waiting you for a good tea 🙂